Silk Filled Bedding

Gingerlily silk bedding offers the ultimate in comfort and style, with the addition of health giving benefits.  A silk duvet provides a strikingly luxurious touch to any bedroom, whilst also being naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. A natural heat conductor, silk adjusts to the individual’s body temperature, making it the perfect all season’s duvet. 

Complete the look with our sumptuous range of silk pillows. Filled with long strand mulberry silk, the finest quality available, our pillows come in two options depending on your sleeping preference – a dense, firm pillow or a soft, bouncy one. Silk is renowned for its health benefits, particularly for the skin and hair and its hypoallergenic, breathable fibres are ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers. 

Gingerlily also offer silk mattress toppers, to enhance the softness and comfort of your mattress.  The silk’s natural temperature control prevents you from perspiring, meaning the topper remains dust mite free and can be attached to your mattress using thick elastic straps. As with our other products, these are filled with 100% mulberry silk, giving you the epitome of luxury bedding.

All Silk Filled Bedding

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