Caring for your Silk

Silk filled duvets & mattress toppers

Silk is a luxury fibre and you should always protect your silk filled duvets, toppers and pillows with a removable washable cover. If properly covered silk filled duvets, toppers and pillows should almost never require cleaning. Unlike traditional bedding Gingerlily duvets, toppers and pillows are free from dust mites and as you don’t perspire using them it should be unnecessary to thoroughly clean them; simply hang them out in the sun to air for a couple of hours once a year.

You may spot clean the silk filled duvets and toppers but should they require a thorough cleaning they can be professionally laundered on a low temperature (30 °C) followed by cool tumble dry.

Silk filled pillows

100% Silk Filled Pillows: Spot clean and professional launder.

50% Silk Filled Pillows: Machine washable at 30 °C. Cool tumble dry.

Silk bed linen & nightwear

Hand wash cool, machine washable at 30 °C. If silk is washed at a higher temperature than 30C, the fabric will harden, become brittle and tear very easily. We recommend washing all your silk products together, as opposed to mixed in with other fabric, as the other materials can rub against the silk during the washing process and damage the silk threads. Never boil or soak your silk.

We recommend using a special silk/delicates detergent. In the event of your silk being soiled or stained, spot clean the mark before machine washing with a special stain remover.

We always recommend line drying our silk bed linen and nightwear, however, these products can also be tumble dried at a low-temperature.

We strongly advise our customers to iron their silk to restore the sheen, softness and suppleness of the fabric. The heat and steam from the iron will also bring out the colour and shimmer of the fabric.

Silk blankets & bedspreads

Dry clean only.

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