Caring for Silk Bedding: Duvets, Linen & Nightwear

Silk is a naturally delicate fabric, meaning that when it comes to caring for silk, some special washing and cleaning techniques must be used. Some kinds of silks are washable at home, whereas others require professional dry-cleaning to prevent the material from becoming damaged. At Gingerlily, we recommend specialist care for your silk, to preserve its delicate feel and touch for as long as possible.

Read more in our guide to caring for silk filled duvets, pillows & mattress toppers, as well as silk bedding and silk nightwear.


Mulberry Silk filled Duvets & Mattress Toppers

At Gingerlily, we craft our silk duvets and mattress toppers from the finest, A-grade mulberry silk, to ensure the most peaceful, soothing sleep experience. Due to the very delicate nature of this grade of silk, Gingerlily customers should take extra care to protect mulberry silk duvets, toppers and pillows with a removable, washable cover.

Mulberry silk is naturally resistant to dust-mites and is naturally hypoallergenic, with temperature-regulating properties that work to protect your bedding. However, your silk bedding does still require cleaning from time-to-time.

Unlike traditional bedding, Gingerlily silk duvets, toppers and pillows aren’t susceptible to dust mites and as you don’t perspire when using them it should be unnecessary to thoroughly clean them; simply hang them out in the sun to air for a couple of hours once a year to freshen them up.

Should your mulberry silk duvets appear flat or shapeless after a prolonged amount of use, simply allowing your silk-filled duvet or mattress topper to air outside for several hours will work to revive the silk’s natural properties and breathe a new lease of life into your silk-filled products.

In the event of any accidental spillages, you may spot clean silk duvets and toppers, which simply means cleaning only the visible area that has become stained by hand without putting the item through a machine wash.

If you’re not particularly familiar with this method of cleaning mulberry silk duvets and toppers, it is advised to take your bedding to a professional laundry service. If they do require a thorough cleaning, they can be laundered gently on a low temperature of 30°C, followed by a very cool tumble dry, although airing outside is advised.

If machine washing is necessary, opt for a very mild detergent while cleaning, as stronger alternatives can destroy many of the mulberry silk’s natural properties.


Silk filled pillows

Our silk filled pillows are seamlessly designed to work in harmony with our silk filled duvets. Whether your preferred sleeping position is to sleep on your front, back, or side, Gingerlily offer two mulberry silk pillow alternatives in a range of densities and sizes to complement your sleeping habits.

100% Silk Filled Pillows: Spot clean and professional launder.

Our silk filled pillows are available in a variety of preferences, each with different properties depending on the level of filling you prefer in your pillows. The 100% silk filled pillows have a 100% cotton sateen casing and are filled with long-strand, 100% A grade Mulberry silk of 19 momme. The dense, firm nature of this pillow provides excellent neck support and is an ideal pillow for front and side sleepers who prefer a flatter pillow. Using removable, washable covers is the recommended level of care Gingerlily customers should opt for, however, should your silk-filled pillow need cleaning, a simple spot clean, or professional launder would be the best practice.

50% Silk Filled Pillows: Machine washable at 30 °C. Cool tumble dry.

Our lighter, silk-filled pillow alternative has a 100% cotton sateen casing, with a 50% polyester core wrapped with long strand A grade mulberry silk, for a bouncy, light pillow recommended for back sleepers. To properly care for this type of silk-filled pillow, Gingerlily customers can machine wash pillows at the cooler temperature of 30 °C, as well as drying the silk-filled pillows on a cool tumble dry setting. Be sure to use a mild detergent alternative, as the chemicals in a traditional detergent may disrupt the natural properties of the silk.  


Silk Bed Linen & Nightwear

Our collection of mulberry silk bed linen and premium nightwear is crafted with a goal of harmonious sleep in mind. Stylish, sophisticated and supremely soft, our luxurious nightwear and linen products are made from 100% A-grade mulberry silk and require a higher level of attention when it comes to properly caring for your silk.

You should machine wash silk bed linen and nightwear garments in a cool wash cycle, set at no more than 30 °C. If silk is washed at a higher temperature than 30°C, the natural properties of the silk will be significantly damaged, and as a result, the silk fabric will harden, become brittle and tear easily. We recommend washing all your silk products together, as opposed to mixing with other fabrics, as these materials can rub against the silk during the washing process and damage the delicate silk threads. Never boil or soak your silk, in the event of your silk being stained or soiled, simply spot clean the mark before machine washing at 30 °C.

Here at Gingerlily, we always recommend our customer's line dry their silk bed linen and nightwear, however, if this isn’t viable - a simple tumble dry at a very low temperature will suffice. After caring for your silk, we strongly advise that customers iron their silk on a warm setting to restore the mulberry silk’s natural sheen, softness and suppleness. The warmth and steam from the iron will also help to preserve the silk’s natural properties, as well as allowing the colour and natural shimmer of the fabric to resurface.


Silk blankets & bedspreads

Gingerlily’s luxury silk blankets and bedspreads are made from the finest, A-grade mulberry silk. Highly sought after, thanks to its natural properties of being hypoallergenic, odourless and completely breathable, our range of Gingerlily’s silk blankets and bedspreads help our customers have a peaceful night’s sleep. As the mulberry silk’s natural protein helps to regulate body temperature, our customers can keep cool in the summer, or wrap up warm in the winter with our silk blankets and bedspreads.

Gingerlily would recommend dry cleaning our range of silk blankets and bedspreads, either via a simple spot clean or a professional dry cleaning service.

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