An Interview with Victoria from Apartment Number 4

Here at Gingerlily we love blogs. As a result, we’ve decided to feature our favourite blogs right here on our own. To do this, we’re going to feature regular interviews with the people behind all of the sites we adore. To start off, we’ve spoken to Victoria from Apartment Number 4 about how she got into blogging about interiors and how she defines her interior style.

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A guide to mulberry silk

Mulberry silk is derived from the mulberry tree: a fruit bearing plant found throughout Europe, Northern America, and many different areas in Asia.

Mulberry trees are very resilient and can spread quite quickly. Mulberry trees can thrive in many different environments and varied kinds of soil, as well as areas with limited space. Mulberry trees can be planted up against walls; however it’s recommended that they have 5 – 10m of surrounding area to properly spread into. It’s also worth bearing in mind that mulberry trees can grow up to 30 – 50ft high depending on the species of tree. As they grow they often become crooked and twisted – a feature which is often capitalised on by landscapers and other architectural designers. It normally takes eight to nine years for a mulberry tree to reach maturity and start bearing fruit.

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An interview with photographer Sarah Hogan

Sarah Hogan is a London based photographer working in still life and interiors who had 2 images nominated for an Association of Photographer Award in the Object single image category 2014. We recently shot the catalogue for our new range Rubans with photographer Sarah Hogan, so we sat down with her to talk about her work, her inspirations, and her love of photography.

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How does silk help your skin and hair?

Have you ever wondered how you can make your skin supple without using so many creams and ointments? Have you ever wondered how to stop your hair from becoming a tangled mess in the night? If you have, then silk may just be the perfect solution for you.

As well as being luxurious, silk is naturally hypo-allergenic and offers a host of beauty benefits such as simulating amino acids and proteins found in the skin and hair, maintaining the skin’s natural acidity and helping the skin retain moisture. These – and the many additional benefits of silk – help create the perfect environment for your skin and hair while you sleep, reducing the likelihood of atopic skin conditions, and preventing dry skin.

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