What are the different types of silk

Not all silks are equal. The most well-known and popular type of silk is Mulberry Silk – while it is an esteemed silk steeped in history as well as our preferred silk here at Gingerlily, it is not the only type of silk. There are actually several different types of silk, made from different sources and produced in different ways. In our latest blog post, we explain more about each of the different types of silk as well as why we think Mulberry silk is the finest silk to use in bedding and linens. 

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Why getting 8 hours of sleep a night simply isn’t enough

When it comes to sleep, we’ve been told for many years that the optimal amount of sleep that we need to feel rested is around eight hours, depending on your age, gender, lifestyle and various other factors. However, what we’re not told is that eight hours of sleep may be enough to feel rested, but is it enough to look rested? 

Even when we sleep for a solid eight hours or more, this doesn’t always mean that during this time we have had the best quality of sleep and we can often still wake up looking a little, let’s say, disheveled. What we’re here to discuss, is how to maximise your sleep quantity AND quality so that when you awake you look as fresh as you feel, every single morning.

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Cotton vs Silk – Which is the Better Fabric?

Cotton and silk are two of the most popular fabrics in the world, commonly used for a wide range of clothes, bed sheets and accessories. But, which is the better fabric? They both have pros and cons, from the price tag to durability and health benefits, we examine a number of factors surrounding the two fabrics. Read more to find out the differences between cotton and silk fabrics, so you can choose the right fabric for you for the perfect night’s sleep. 

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A definitive guide to silk bedding and bed linen care

Silk is a naturally delicate material, therefore when it comes to washing and taking care of silk products, a little more effort is required. This however, is a very small price to pay when you consider the superior, luxury feel that silk provides. Depending on the kind of silk, and the type of silk product, professional cleaning and upkeep may be essential, although more often than not, silk bed linen can be cared for at home. 

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Gingerlily’s Luxury Silk Christmas Gift Ideas

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and so is the rush to find the most fitting gift for your nearest and dearest. But, Christmas doesn’t have to be running around last minute on Christmas Eve and queueing for miles to grab the nearest gifts in sight. At Gingerlily, we are here to make Christmas buying that little bit easier for you in our luxury Christmas gift guide.

From luxurious silk pyjama sets to our hero product; the beauty box silk pillowcase, read on to find some inspiration for the perfect gift this Christmas. 

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